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Why does my ear hurt ?

  • The ear, as one of the five human senses, is extremely important. Listening to sound, determining direction, and maintaining balance are all essential skills. But it also hurts a lot. Earache can be severe or mild, and it can be transient or continuous. It may also cause hearing loss if not paid attention to it . So what are some of the potential causes of ear pain?
  • The ear is a very complex hearing organ that is made up of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Any pathological change in any part of the body can cause ear pain. Simultaneously , problems in other parts of the body can cause ear pain. We can see it with our own eyes, except for the obvious trauma, and the lesions in other areas are likely to go unnoticed.
  • Furuncle of the external auditory canal is a common disease in the department of the five sense organs, particularly in children. It refers to the formation of boils and local inflammation of the external auditory canal.
  • Otitis media is another common ear disease that affects children. It is caused by children’s eustachian tube structure (short, flat, and wide) and makes them more susceptible to bacterial infection than adults. Secretory, acute suppurative, and chronic suppurative otitis media are all common types of otitis media.
  • Different types of otitis media will behave differently, but there will always be ear discomfort. Acute suppurative otitis media can cause ear pain and fever, while secretory otitis media can cause ear tightness and swelling. Regardless of the type of otitis media, there may be temporary hearing loss as the disease progresses. If treatment is not received in a timely manner, it may progress to irreversible hearing loss, which requires careful attention.
  • The water quality of swimmer’s ears and swimming pools is poor and it can cause wounds to the ears . If they are not discharged promptly after the water enters, it may cause skin inflammation of the external auditory canal, that is, external auditory canal inflammation.

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