The Hearing Protection

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Unique sound and natural pleasure

A day has 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds. Every minute of our lives is spent listening. ARPTUR values and respects everyone’s natural sound quality and beautiful listening life.

Every moment, the actual listening situation changes. Listening is also a very personal experience, with different listening preferences for each user. Only by understanding what users truly want to hear can we make the necessary adjustments. ARPTUR delivers sound that meets user’s current listening requirements.

Why does my voice sounds “weird” ?

“How can I wear hearing aids to listen to others? If i’m not even comfortable hearing my own voice through them ?”

Ear blocking effect: when you speak, the earplug or hearing aid blocks the ear canal, causing the increase of low-frequency energy in the ear canal, which is called ear blocking effect. It’s like plugging the hole of a cave and yelling in it. It’s strange that you don’t feel bad about the echo.

The hearing aid is magnified again. In the natural state, listening to your own voice is a combination of air conduction and bone conduction. The transmission process has changed after wearing the hearing aid. The hearing aid will not only amplify the external voice, but also amplify your own voice, which is why you think your voice is “weird”.

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