The Hearing Protection

How on earth was Beethoven deaf ?

  • Beethoven is the most well-known musician in the medical field . He was troubled by many
  • diseases his entire life, but it was his ears that caused him to suffer and piqued the interest of future
  • generations. At the age of 26, he was deaf, and at the age of 50, he had total hearing loss. A
  • musician’s hearing loss is fatal. This musician’s life experience is considered a miracle in the music
  • industry. He was very inquisitive about the reason of his deafness and stipulated in his will that he
  • must have an autopsy after death for future doctors to study, hoping that the cause of his deafness
  • would be known to the rest of the world.Future generations of medical experts will be separated into two groups based on the type of
  • Beethoven’s deafness: conductive deafness and neural deafness. In terms of conductive deafness
  • evidence, we must have heard the inspiring rumors that Beethoven created by biting a wooden stick
  • with his teeth to transmit the piano sound.
  • After the autopsy findings were made public, there was prejudiced speculation regarding the cause
  • of deafness. Beethoven’s temporal bone, which spanned the entire ear anatomy, was dissected by
  • doctors. However, the anatomical report made no mention of any anomalous oval window
  • symptoms. Instead, it detailed the auditory nerve anomalies, including auditory nerve atrophy and
  • lack of medulla. The sensorineural deaf sects have so far also taken a good seat.
  • With the advancement of deafness research and the popularization of science, the public has
  • become aware of a number of high-risk variables that cause deafness. Through the medical history,
  • a preliminary diagnosis might be obtained by inquiring about the source of deafness. Deafness can
  • be caused by a variety of congenital and acquired reasons. Perhaps the reason of deafness is
  • insignificant. We believe that avoiding risks and adding value is more vital. For example, the
  • development of deafness gene identification can lead eugenics and early intervention in hereditary
  • deafness , therefore ototoxic medications should be used with caution, and noise pollution should
  • be avoided, in order to avoid more or more severe hearing loss.


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