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Are your hearing aids of the same model ? Is it okay to mix and match them?

  • Is the model of your hearing aids the same? If not, why did you make this decision?
  • We have met many listeners who mix and match binaural hearing aids : some have different appearances, such as one ear back type and one ear customized type, while some have different grades, such as one ear is high and the other ear is low, and they can even be of different brands. Is there anything wrong with this mix and match? Let us discuss it.
  • The question is why mix and match ?
  • Because the difference in binaural hearing is large so why not experiment with different models?
  • Because the condition of the binaural canal is different , why not choose a different appearance?
  • Economic factors ? So different grades?
  • They are selected successively, so the new and old products are different?
  • Or just because you’re not sure you understand what was recommended by your fitting technician ?
  • Mismatches
  • The way of receiving sound and wearing feeling are different.
  • The ear back hearing aid’s microphone is located on the auricle while customized hearing aid’s microphone is located at the ear canal mouth or in the ear canal, and the two use the auricle’s natural reception function differently. Different wearing parts and feelings may also cause adaptation issues. To put it in a metaphor , wearing leather shoes on one foot and sports shoes on the other results in a very different experience.
  • Sound quality difference
  • Different brands have vastly different prescription formulas, function settings, and so on. The most obvious difference is the difference in sound quality. Even when true ear analysis is used for precise debugging, tuning two different brands of hearing aids to the same sound quality is difficult. It must be strange to have a crisp voice on one side and a thick voice on the other. Of course, whether or not you can distinguish between sound quality varies from person to person.
  • Multiple functions are wasted
  • Many modern hearing aids include binaural synchronization functions such as binaural volume adjustment, binaural program switching, binaural telephone, and noise reduction.
  • Suggestions
  • For different hearing loss in both ears, different power levels of the same product model can be chosen.
  • Try to choose the same appearance model for each ear canal or auricle.

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